Self-care for Nerds

self care lightning talk link

Pitched and gave a lightning talk at #NICAR17 about physical self-care as a developer, journalist, or just someone who sits at a computer all day. Here are my slides and speaker notes.

HTML, CSS/Bootstrap, Photoshop

Journalism + Code

Journalism plus code lightning talk link

My friend Eunice and I gave a talk to a freshman multimedia reporting class about why they should learn how to code, using Learn.KnightLab, the tutorial website I worked on.

Design Thinking IRL

design thinking lightning talk link

The design process sometimes seems like a drag, but it can help you save time and create a well-developed project! And here's the kicker; you're probably already following the process in your daily life.

Sublime Text

sublime text lightning talk link

I've been using Sublime Text for about a year now. Here are some tips and tricks I've accumulated over time to make my coding more efficient (and hopefully yours too).

GIF-Making 101

gif tutorial link

It's no secret that I love GIFs. I led a workshop at the Knight Lab to teach students how to make GIFs using Giphy Capture and Photoshop.


crimsen project link

Designed and wireframed a period tracking app inclusive queer women's and trans/non-binary people's experiences. Won "Best Interdisciplinary Hack" award at BuildHer 2017.

HTML, CSS/Bootstrap, Illustrator

Likely Media

likely media project link

Pitched an idea for a media startup for creating futuristic, predictive VR experiences. Built the website that got an honourable mention at USC's Hack the Gender Gap 2015 hackathon.

HTML, CSS/Bootstrap, Photoshop

Ruby Neutrino

ruby neutrino project link

Designed and pitched an idea for a Carmen Sandiego-esque game encouraging STEM field exploration in young women and girls. Made for She Hacks Chi 2015.

Moving Class

moving class project link

Our DSGN 375: Data As Art final project. We compared Chicago public transport data and the socioeconomic distribution of the city as a 3-D data visualization.