2022 Winter Paralympics

A visual deep-dive on the adaptive sports equipment Paralympic athletes use. I researched the history of disabled sport, interviewed equipment experts and athletes from Canada to Australia and in between, and designed and built the story.

Myanmar coup

Collected and processed data, and designed and built a graphic about the people killed in Myanmar’s military crackdown on protests after the 2021 coup, told through the stories of 7 victims. Won an Award of Excellence at the 2021 Society for News Design Digital Design awards, and was part of the finalist package for the Breaking News of the Year award at the Reuters 2021 Journalists of the Year Awards.

Plane crash

Worked with my graphics team colleagues to cover still-breaking news about a major plane crash. Made and edited graphics, and compiled our work onto a page within just 2 days of the crash.

Reconnecting Tonga

Edited and compiled graphics for an analysis piece on repairing a communications cable severed by the volcano earlier this year.

Ethiopia Conflict

Compiled reporting, photos and video and collaborated with a reporter to recreate and provide context on how the 2020 Ethiopia conflict unfolded. Designed and built the maps, scrolly graphic and page.


Interviewed BTS fans and experts, created the data graphics and designed and built the page. Won an Award of Excellence at the 2020 Society for News Design Digital Design awards, and BTS fans showed their love on Twitter.

Reopening a Megacity

Designed and built a scrolly reconstruction of how Wuhan gradually reopened its doors to the public. Illustrated an isometric city, recreated a Chinese health status checker and visualized China's coronavirus cases and testing.

Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict

Created a scrolly explainer with annotated maps and photos to walk readers through the Nagorno Karabakh conflict and its impact on both local populations and international oil supplies.

Amazonian deforestation

Wrangled QGIS to build a map showing the extent of deforestation and forest fires in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest.

India Protests

Visualized the demonstrations protesting and in support of the Citizenship Amendment Act that took place nearly every day for several months, and calculated the death toll and use of violence.

Juul's nicotine addiction

Made charts and illustrations based on research data and scientific patents for a Reuters Special Report on Juul.

Modi's Report Card

Collaborated with a reporter to assess progress on the Indian PM's previous election promises – sometimes with a chart.