Gentrified Health

diagnosing gentrification project link

Worked with a researcher and reporter to create charts and a map of gentrification and health access inequality in NYC neighbourhoods.

Excel, Google Sheets, Illustrator

No Easy Access

no easy access project link

Pitched and created graphics on health, food and transportation inaccessibility. Copy-edited text and edited photos and image layout for the web story.

Excel, Illustrator

Campaign Finances

campaign finance project link

Learned and used PostgreSQL to create a dataset of Texas politicians’ campaign finances. Cleaned the data in Microsoft Excel to verify calculations.

PostgreSQL, Excel, Google Sheets

Texas Students

texas student demographics project link

Pulled Texas public education data from the Tribune's Django database and compared student and teacher demographics.

Google Spreadsheets, HTML, CSS/Sass, Django


tornadoes project link

Found and cleaned a 60,000+ row dataset for a breaking news story. Created print and web versions of the chart in Illustrator and D3.

Excel, CSS/Stylus, D3.js, Illustrator

Community Care

community care project link

Cleaned and processed the data in Excel, and created both graphs in Illustrator. Adjusted designs for desktop screens, mobile screens and social media. Turned a graph into a looping GIF.

Excel, Illustrator, Photoshop

Mass. Lead Levels

blood lead project link

Made a map of the estimated percentage of houses built before the lead paint ban and compared it to the percentage of children with concerning blood lead levels.

Excel, HTML, CSS/Stylus, D3.js

Make It Stop

make it stop project link

Calculated the data for the circle chart, found the rate of fire of an AR-15 and chose the photo for the print cover.


50 Words

50 words project link

Designed and prototyped the countdown, the button animation and the submission page. Helped make the project comply with web accessibility standards.

HTML, CSS/Stylus, JavaScript, Illustrator

Campaign Donations

campaign donations project link

Turned a dataset of monetary transactions into a graphic illustrating how they took place for a Spotlight investigative story.

Excel, Illustrator, Photoshop


poz perceptions project link

Reported on perceptions of HIV/AIDS across generations of gay men. Designed, built and user tested the Bootstrap framework, navigation bar and annotation feature.

HTML, CSS, BootStrap, JavaScript

NBN Fall '15 Mag

NBN fall 15 mag project link

Led a team of digital designers to turn stories from the print magazine into custom news apps with web-exclusive content.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop

Russia Survey

russia survey project link

Collaborated with the Texas Tribune's D.C. correspondent to create a graphic of Texas politicians' statements on the administration's alleged ties to Russia.

Google Spreadsheets, HTML, CSS/Sass, Django

What Would You Buy?

what would you buy project link

Found a few ways I could have spent my tuition money for my data viz class.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript


learn dot knight lab project link

Wrote and designed lessons for Learn.KnightLab, a "by students, for students" project-based coding tutorial.

Audio Story

native american narratives project link

Produced an audio story about what is means to grow up as a Native American in Chicago as part of a larger series on Native American Narratives.

Adobe Premiere Pro