Hi! I'm a data viz developer at Thomson Reuters in Bangalore, India. I'm also an alum of the Hindustan Times, WAMU 88.5, NPR, The Texas Tribune, The Boston Globe and the Knight Lab.

What excites me the most? Code, data and the news experience as a whole. And if you like creative storytelling, web accessibility or critically consuming pop culture, we should probably be friends:

Asian Games 2018 (Request Link)

asian games 2018 project link

Collected, verified and visualized data on India's performance at the Asian Games. Interviewed experts, reported, and fact-checked individual achievements.

Google Sheets, D3.js

Gentrified Health

diagnosing gentrification project link

Worked with a researcher and reporter to create charts and a map of gentrification and health access inequality in NYC neighbourhoods.

Excel, Google Sheets, Illustrator

No Easy Access

no easy access project link

Pitched and created graphics on health, food and transportation inaccessibility. Copy-edited text and edited photos and image layout for the web story.

Excel, Illustrator

Self-care for Nerds

self-care lightning talk link

Pitched and gave a lightning talk at #NICAR17 about physical self-care as a developer, journalist, or just someone who sits at a computer all day. Here are my slides and speaker notes.

HTML, CSS/Bootstrap, Photoshop

GIF-Making 101

gif tutorial link

It's no secret that I love GIFs. I led a workshop at the Knight Lab to teach students how to make GIFs using Giphy Capture and Photoshop.

Moving Class

moving class project link

Our DSGN 375: Data As Art final project. We compared Chicago public transport data and the socioeconomic distribution of the city as a 3-D data visualization.