I'm Aditi Bhandari and I'm a junior at Northwestern University studying journalism and design (with a dash of gender studies)! I'm currently the Digital Projects Editor for In Our Nature magazine and a student fellow at the Knight Lab.

I like to write and produce multimedia stories, but code and UI/UX design is what I'm most excited about. If you like creative storytelling, homemade chai or critically consuming pop culture, we should probably be friends.


Code and Design

North By Northwestern Fall 2015 Magazine

As the Digital Product Manager for the North By Northwestern quarterly print magazine, I worked with a team of designers to adapt the print magazine for an online audience. I designed, and created web-exclusive content for, stories about:

Check out the Spring 2015 mag too.

Poz Perceptions

"The Flux" was the central theme of the Advanced Interactive Storytelling and Design class I took last spring. My group reported on the different perceptions towards HIV/AIDS across generations of gay men using their personal narratives.


I've been working on Learn.KnightLab since I joined the Lab as a student fellow this year. It's a cool way for journalism students to learn how to code hands-on through projects and tutorials.

Likely Media

This October, I went to a women's hackathon at USC Annenberg, about immersive VR storytelling. My group's pitch received an honourable mention and the judges called the website I built a "cool website".


North By Northwestern

As a contributor and the 2015 Summer Managing Editor, I've written a guide to a lunar eclipse, a theatre review, an obituary, breaking news and some entertaining pieces related to food and college life.

In Our Nature

Creating content for Northwestern's premier environmental publication has involved writing a crafts column on transforming your trash and illustrating animal mating rituals. I've also written about (and live-tweeted) Bill Nye's visit to campus, and about water conservation awareness efforts.


At IndieU, I had the opportunity to be the Assistant Editor and interim Editor-In-Chief of a national independent music publication. I wrote news articles, concert previews and interviewed musicians.

The Daily Northwestern

#TBT to when I wanted to be a music journalist! If you like the Grammys, Christmas or songs to use as alarm tones, check out these playlists I made.


Mask Making Video

Ever wanted to know how to make a Commedia dell'arte mask? Check out this video I made for one of my journalism classes.

Welcome to Jones

In the spring of 2014, the Jones Fine and Performing Arts Residential College was preparing for its new residents. I created this video to welcome them to their new home.

RCB Field Day

The Residential College Board held a Field Day event in the spring of 2014 and held a competition between the 11 participating dorms. This is the trailer I made for Jones Residential College, which won the competition and earned us 50 points.


I started building up IndieU's multimedia presence by creating a video interview with DJ Rucku5. Rucku5 was the winner of the NU Dance Marathon Battle of the DJs.


Native American Narratives

I took a journalism class on Enterprise Reporting in Diverse Communities and produced this audio clip as part of a larger series on Native American Narratives in Chicago. Listen to what is means to grow up as a Native American in Chicago.

The Art of Protest

This story combines two of my favourite things; music and environmental activism. I created this audio story for In Our Nature Magazine following a performance event of protest music from the last 100 years.


SNDMakesCHI; Mirror, Mirror

At the SNDMakesCHI invitational based on creating communities around games and journalism, my team prototyped a game called Mirror, Mirror. You're assigned an anonymous character and must navigate social situations, using contextual clues to eventually guess your identity, thus revealing you own unknown biases.

What else can you get for a year's college tuition?

For my Psychology class on presenting data and ideas, we had to take some data and plot it concretely (e.g. bar chart) and abstractly (like this randomizer). Click through to see some of the crazy things you could get for $64,018.

Brand Building: Jones Residential College

When I was elected the Historian of my dorm in Spring 2015, I decided to revamp our website and create a social media presence on Twitter and Tumblr that residents could follow for updates and media. The website I designed won awards for Best Website and Most Improved Website from the Residential College Board, and the social media pages are now run by the current Historian.


Design Thinking IRL

The design process sometimes seems like a drag, but it can help you save time and create a well-developed project! And here's the kicker; you're probably already following the process in your daily life.

Why Journalists Should Learn How to Code

My friend Eunice and I gave a talk to a freshman multimedia reporting class about why they should learn how to code, using Learn.KnightLab, the tutorial website I worked on.

Sublime Hacks

I've been using Sublime Text for about a year now. Here's some tricks and tricks I've accumulated over time to make my coding more efficient (and hopefully yours too)!

The Future of JoVRnalism

In October 2015, I attended a hackathon on immersive VR journalism. Here's a talk I gave one week later with my friend Eunice about what we took away from a weekend of learning about VR.

Ruby Neutrino Project Pitch

I attended the very first She Hacks Chi hackathon dedicated to closing the gender gap in STEM fields. My group pitched "Finding Ruby Neutrino," a quest-based computer game with challenges inspired by various STEM fields.